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Raffael Amadeus Trappe
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phone +0049 6224 9897937
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For technical questions we do NOT provide support by phone. Due to lack of time we can not answer every single question regarding the NTSC/PAL topic. Nevertheless, you can send messages via e-mail. Important questions will be answered in the FAQ.

Non-warranty, copyrights, and privacy

1. Contents
We can not underwrite warranty for availability, actuality, correctness, completeness and quality of the provided information.

2. Links
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3. Copyrights
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4. Privacy policy
Every time the website is accessed the webspace provider is compiling server log files containing the following data:

1. File name, date, and time of the server request as well as quantity of data transferred.
2. Browser type and version.
3. Operating system of the user.
4. Referrer URL (previous webpage visited).
5. The IP address of the accessing device is only saved in anonymized form.

The data of the server log files will not be merged with other sources of data. Creating individual personal profiles via server log files is not possible for us.

Furthermore, the website is using Google Fonts and Google AdSense, whereby also cookies are used. If you visit this website you will be notified via a pop-up layer that this website is using cookies and if you use this website you agree that: first, we use cookies because cookies help us to deliver our services and second, that Google is using cookies to personalise ads. At Google Privacy Policy & Terms of Service you can find more information about how cookies and personal data of you as a visitor when viewing a page is collected and archived as well as information how to control the data which is collected.

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